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Mullings and Musings [entries|friends|calendar]
John Muller

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yes, I am still alive [19 Jun 2006|07:41pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Jesus Crap it has been a long time since I last updated. Late April? Man. I'm bad at this journal thing.

Alright let me try and summarize what has happened lately.

Well, I turned 20 on may 19th, that was pretty sweet. Had quite the nice little party in guelph. Lately I've been spending all of my time painting houses with my roomates, it's a pretty good job, but I am still pleased to declare that as of next sunday I am returning up to camp Wanakita for another splendid summer of senior staffing. Anyway, all alliterations aside, (shit, theres another one) I am quite pumped for camp, although it will be slightly lame not seeing any of the guelph folk for a while.

I played a show in some tiny town called Ayr on saturday, that was pretty sweet, although I severly doubt that the music we played was what old back-country folk wanted to hear while they were eating pancakes at 7 in the morning, but whatever, I had a blast.

The rest of this past weekend was spent in hamilton for various family functions, as well as me going out with ben and benji to celebrate benji's 20th birthday by getting rather tanked on girly martinis at the bean bar. Good times had by all.

Anyway, I am currently procrastinating and avoiding numerous chores which I really should get back to. So maybe, just maybe, I will update again before I bugger off up north for the summer.

ta ta
-John Out.

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hey, it's the sun, and it makes me shine. [22 Apr 2006|06:08am]
[ mood | weird ]

Good morning everyone
It's 6:09 and I have been up all night studying for my psych exam which is in two hours. You might ask, "John, why would you stay up all night before an exam?" Well, I find that if I go to sleep, I am actually incapable of waking up sufficiently to write it. So although I am completely wired on caffiene and feeling very loopy, I am actually pretty ready for this exam.

I am even more ready for it to be over though, It's my last one. Then I will be done, done second year.
It has been a fairly uneventful past few days, had some exams, studied, worked a really dead shift on thursday where the most interesting thing that happened was I had to drive a bouncers van while he drove a drunk waitress home. That was pretty terrifying. If I had so much as dinged that van, no one would have ever found my remains. Bouncers are scary.

I am excited for the summer, I'll be staying in Guelph painting houses with brad and matt, hopefully making some good money, and then it's off to camp again where I shall get paid 4 cents an hour to be a councillor. I'm very excited, I can't wait to get back on trip.

Anyway, in accordance with my all-nighter morning policy, I am going to go shower, have an incredibly greasy breakfast and then jog into campus in order to put myself in peak mental condition for my exam. I shall update again shortly.

-John Out

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I'm covered in cans of food, filtered water and pictures of you [07 Apr 2006|05:15am]
Jesus crap it is late.
Or early, if you're a normal person.

I, on the other hand, have been up all night working on this damn lab report for psych. It is my last assignment of second year, however, so I guess I should cherish it.

So not too much is new with me, so this entry is mostly for procrastinatory purposes. I have some serious writers block, so with any luck this will help me get the ol' brain working again.

Wednesday was the last bullring open mic of the year, which was sad. I amazingly did'nt miss a single solitary one this entire year. I definately plan on doing it again in the fall. It was pretty insanely busy, since everyone wanted to play. I only got to play two songs, but that was fine. I did a belle and sebastian song and then mushaboom, by feist, which was made doubly awesome by the fact that I got julie the cute bullring waitress to come and sing it with me. Granted, I messed up the guitar work more than somewhat, but it was still fun.

Today I went into cambridge with brad to do some estimates and cold calling for our little summer painting operation, so that was interesting. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat and I got in trouble with a pita-pizzaz worker who was upset that I used their bathroom with no intention of buying a pita. I politely offered to retrieve my urine and take it elsewhere, but we both decided it would be better to just get on with our lives.

Anyway, I really must get back to working on this damn report. So goodnight.
-John Out
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I'm lucky I can open the door and I can walk down the street [02 Apr 2006|12:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Hello Hello

IT's sunday morning and I'm having an excellent time being lazy. It's especially nice to be lazy because this weekend has been pretty eventful so far. I worked on friday, and although it wasnt particularily busy, it was a lot of work because there was a giant flood at van goghs 3rd floor caused numerous waterfalls to spring from the ceiling on the second and first floors. So I had to deal with a whole lot of bad-smelling water, while dealing with panic-striken bar-goers. Although, I should admit that I may have contributed to the panic by telling some people not too look up, because if they got the water in their eyes they would contract clamydia.

Anyway, yesterday I did not do a whole hell of alot, and then I bullied diana into comming over and we ordered swiss chalet and played nintendo until the wee-hours. Fun times.

Oh, I should mention how last wednesdays bullring went. It went very well, I thought. It was different from most bullrings because I played with a number of other musicians. That guy andrew I mentioned before played bass and keyboards, his friend Wilson played lead guitar and my old cross-country team-mate obermeyer ran into me randomly during the day and offered to play drums. It was a fun set, consisting entirely of covers of belle&sebastian songs. Hopefully the crowd enjoyed them.

It has been so nice in guelph lately, save for the past two days which were cloudy. Today looks all sunny and blue skied though, So I will probably go for a hike or something. I can't wait until I bring my canoe down so I can go paddling on the river by my house.

Anyway, I'm going to go make some breakfast.
-John Out

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get me away from here, I'm dying [28 Mar 2006|05:38pm]
Hello hello everyone, this will just be a quick one.

I am currently killing time, once again, in the guelph library. I just went running, and in a while I'm heading over to the campus pub for some dinner. A very productive day.

So my weekend was mildly eventful, hung out with the family, saw my sisters which was nice. My dads surgery went as well as could be expected, and his recovery is progressing smoothly, which is also nice.

Last night I randomly met up with a bassist/keyboardist named andrew who wants to play at the bullring with me sometime, so we practiced for a while. It looks like this wednesday will be a belle and sebastian themed bullring, which excites me. So come one come all, it should be a really good show. As always, the bullring, on wednesday around 10:30.

Anyway, I dont have much else to say, so I shall leave it at that.
ta ta
-John Out
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I woke up in my baby's arms, to the sound of fire alarms [24 Mar 2006|02:29am]
Good evening everyone. It's been a while since I've updated this thing.

I just returned from Doogies, where I went with sonja, shana and some other randoms. It was good times. I have been extremely busy as of late, consumed with school work and working at van goghs, so I havent really done anything social, so it was nice to get out of the house. Music wise, I have been thoroughly non-creative lately as well. But rest assured that I will get over this hump soon, and some new material will soon be in the works to replace the mediocre songs currently in the music section.

So a fair bit has happened in the last while. As some of you may have guessed by my previous entry, Makeda canned me a couple weeks ago, which was unfortunate. But after some binge drinking, alot of angsty music, some violent video games and a slightly questionable one night stand, I am completely over it. And now, for the first real time in well over 2 years I am back on the singles market, and I'm finding it to my liking.

In other news, my dad is having his operation tomorrow, so I'm a bit worried about that, but I'm sure it will go fine. For those of you who just tuned in, it's pretty much the most invasive surgery that you can get, it involves the cutting out of certain parts of the heart and surrounding tubes and replacing them with various things. Frightening. So I'm heading into hamilton this weekend to meet up with the fam. I'll keep you all posted on how it goes.

Well, I'm fairly tired, so I think I am going to go hit the sack. Goodnight.
-John Out
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dry your eyes mate [09 Mar 2006|03:01am]
hello folks

This entry may not be the most coherent ever, as certain events have led me to consume a great deal of whiskey, and I am more than a little bit drunk.

The bullring went well tonight, it was very busy.

Um, thats pretty much it.

-John out
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sukie was a kid, she liked to hang out in the graveyard [27 Feb 2006|12:44am]
[ mood | pleased ]

Let me start by exclaiming how amazing it was to see Belle and Sebastian in concert last night. They truely were excellent. The New Pornographers we're quite good as well.

Highlights included:
-stuart disrupting the show by attempting to burst into "your my best friend" by queen
-the band asking us to put up our hands and request songs in an orderly fashion
-the fact that jim and I were able to get right up to the front by following a guy with a video camera, pretending to be his crew.

All in all it was a very solid show, a great addition to my list of great shows that I've seen this school year, which is ballooning out of control. I also just found out that the Slackers are comming to guelph this wednesday, so I must see them. They are by far my favourite ska outfit out there. So I will bust out the suit, nice shoes, big hat with a feather, and skank like there is no tomorrow. And with any luck I can do my bullring show early and make it before the opening band is done. Oh man I'm excited.

In other news, It seems that my housing situation for next year has been resolved. We found a tennant. Her name is paige and she claims to be a good pianist and singer, so I'm psyched for that. Also matts friend dave will probably fill in the other room, hes not a musician, but il get him a triangle or cowbell or something. The rule of the house is that if you live here, you're in the band.

Makeda is back from peru tonight, which pleases me immensely. Now I just have to wait and see if she got me a sweet souvenier. Hopefully she did, since matt didnt get me one from the dominican, that jerkface.

Anyway, thats enough from me.
-John Out

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these high-beams, they're blinding me [24 Feb 2006|03:02am]
Hello folks

ahh, reading week. I have succesfully accomplished nothing for the past several days, it's been pretty magical.

Last night I went out and saw some bands play in hamilton, which was fun. And on saturday I am finally going to see belle and sebastian live, and I am very excited about that. The new pornographers are opening too, so that is doubly exciting.

I just returned from work, which was horrendously dead for a thursday. All of 10 people were probably there over the course of the evening. Ah well, I got to spend a fair bit of time relaxing. And with any luck tomorrow wont be as lame.

A date has finally been set for my dads surgery, which is nice. Its march 24th, about two months later than we originally thought, but ah well.

Anyway, I'm pretty tired, and this entry isnt really going anywhere. So gnite.

-John Out.
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[15 Feb 2006|02:01pm]
waahahahah! I pulled it off!

That is all.

-John Out.
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some things I've cast off, some things I've kept [09 Feb 2006|12:45am]
Well good evening ladies and gentlemen

I am in a pleasant mood, just got back from the bullring. My set went well, seemed to get a good response.

Hamu, the guy who runs the open mic night, keeps introducing me as "the mooseman". It's a strange little indosyncracy of his. The other day someone actually said "hey, its the mooseman!" on a bus, and I nearly laughed right in their face. Oh well, it's nice to be recognized, but couldent he have come up with a better nickname? Ah well.

There is a new hope on the horizon for my housing delemma, a few more girls have expressed an interest in looking at the place. So I'll just have to clean it up nice and put on my most charming personality and hopefully I'll snag some new roomies.

Well, I don't have a whole hell of alot to say tonight, since I'm in a good mood and have nothing to bitch about. I'm working on more songs, and re-recording some old ones. So the music section will be open again soon. Until then, suck it up.

Thats it for me
-John Out.
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quick update [06 Feb 2006|12:09pm]
Ugh, I always feel like complete death in the mornings, regardless of how long I sleep or when I went to bed.
It really is unpleasant. Oh well, I am updating this journal becauase I have a bit of time to kill before I head into campus for psych.

So this weekend has been extremely unproductive/boring/restful, I was supposed to work pretty much every night at the bar, but VG's is apparently having some liscencing problems and had to close down temporarily. Dang. Oh well, life goes on. So I spent the bulk of the weekend working on some new songs, doing some recording, and playing old-school zelda. I went outside all of once, to go with matt to the Stop N' Shop to buy some coke and doritos. Oh yes.

Stephen Harper gets sworn in as PM today, I think the idea of it is giving me canker sores.

In other news, still no word on my dads operation. I dont get it, they were supposed to be practically operating by now. Oh well, he'll get it done eventually. He decided on gettig a "biological valve" to replace his damaged on, which I think was a good idea. Now he wont have to take blood thinners for the rest of his life and he wont tick.

Hmm, what else is new? The housing drama is heating up. For those of you not in the know, my housemates brad and mark are moving out next year, so Matt and I decided we would find two replacements so we didnt have to move. It's all very irritating.

Well, I do believe I am going to have a shower and then grab some breakfast. Perhaps crepes today, yum.

-John Out
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shine a light, a light on me [30 Jan 2006|01:46am]
It has been a fairly eventful weekend, I am happy to report. On friday makeda came down and we did the belated christmas thing. I got a sweet pocketwatch, so I'm pleased. On saturday, we went rock climbing and then headed into toronto for dinner at my sister Krista's place and then went off to the concert.

The concert consisted of The Deadly Snakes, and The Constantines.

Both bands were really, really good. It was a solid rock show with lots of energy. I enjoyed it immensely.
I had heard of the constantines before, of course, since they are a guelph band. But I didnt really have an appreciation for their music until I saw them live. They put on a great show. I was a bit more familiar with the songs of the deadly snakes, since Krista got me their album for christmas, so I was able to sing along.

It was alot of fun to hang out with krista and steve (her husband) since I never really had before. For those of you not in the know, my sisters are alot older than me, so I was basically an only child except for holidays. But now that krista has moved to toronto, she's been milking the "cool older sister" position for all its worth. Now I just need to get elise to toronto too so we can hang out, hahhaha. Those of you know know elise will see the humour in the suggestion of her living in toronto.

I am pleased to announce that the several month long spell of musicians block which I have been affected by seems to be dissapating, and I am writing some new songs and recording some new material. Hopefully I will have some new songs in the music section soon.

Anywho, It's late and I'm tired, so g'nite.
-John Out
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with regards to the election [24 Jan 2006|01:33pm]
Allow me to start by saying that my toe hurts, because last night during the election coverage I vigorously kicked over my coffee table.

That being said, here are my two cents.

It's not as big a disaster as I feared, but it still is a very unpleasant outlook. For those of you living under a rock, the conservative party of canada just won a minority government, effectively ending 12 years of liberal rule. Allow me to get straight to the pros/cons of the outcome.

-The NDP has greatly increased their holdings across the board, getting 11 more seats than the 2004 election, dramatically increasing their saying power in the house
-The Liberals now have to re-vamp their image and strategy, and a new leader will be elected. This is good because paul martin wasnt that exciting. They need a charismatic and passionate leader in order to sweep the next election
-The Conservatives are in a minority position, this means they will have a difficult time accomplishing much, and will hopefully lose the next non-confidence motion and fall out of government.

-Stephen Harper has successfully duped the nation into thinking he is a political moderate, when in fact he is one of the original members of the reform party, the most right wing organization in candian history, with the possible exception of the heritage front.
-Conservative MPs across the country have succeeded in keeping their collective mouthes shut about anything they believe in socially, this is too keep people from remembering that conservatives oppose gay rights, abortion rights, public health care, and a list of other social programs which are very important to most canadians
-The conservatives are comming to power in a dangerous time, when far too many countries of influence are being led by dangerously right-wing parties. Stephen Harpers ascent to power will be bad news for all those who support canadas decision to distance itself from george bush.

All in all, this election leaves me with the contradicting feelings of warm fuzziness for the NDP, and fearful trepidation over the new conservative-led government. But we shall see what transpires.

-John Out
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construction notice [02 Jan 2006|02:49am]
the songs in the music section are temporarily offline due to the fact that they all suck.
when this problem is remedied, songs will be available again

-john out
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all is quiet on new years day [01 Jan 2006|06:40pm]
Ahoy hoy

Happy 2006 everyone, I hope everybody had a good time.
I had a pretty good new years myself, considering I had to work. I figure though, since I work at a bar, it's not much different from how I would have spent new years otherwise. Alot of interesting things happened at the bar last night, for example; a very inebriated guy tried to steal the till from the side enterance. Now, he only succeeded in spilling the tip jar everywhere, but then he made the fatal mistake of taking a swing at a bouncer and running.

Long story short, the image of a terrified man running down the street being persued by a pack of 10 furious bouncers is a sight that I will not be soon forgetting.

My poor housemate brad had a rough new years, he had to be rushed to the hospital due to crippling abdominal pain. Turns out he needs to get his gall bladder cut out. Sucks for brad. Perhaps I'll throw his gall bladder a going away party next week...hmm...

I have not been very productive today, which is a nice change. I've spent most of it playing music and trying to fix my recording equipment, but to no avail. I hope I dont have to replace my mic cables or something, that would suck.

Anyway, I feel like getting something to eat, so I shall sign off.
-John Out
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we'll remember these days [30 Dec 2005|03:53am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Ahoy there

It has been quite a long time since I have updated this journal, let alone this website. But tonight I find myself with little to do and this affords me with a good opportunity to do some quality updating.

So, let us recap what has transpired in the past little while.

Well, for one, merry christmas everyone. Mine went quite well, went back to hamilton, saw some family and some friends. I just recently came back up to Guelph to throw my quasi-annual seasonal party. Normally I have it at new years, but this year scheduling conflicts arose. Just as well, I found out tonight I have to work New Years at VG's, so I shall be tragically unable to attend the big party I was hoping to visit.

But oh well, life goes on.

Speaking of life going on, still no real word on my dads surgery. They expect it to take place some time in the next couple weeks, and then he will be out of comission until June. Which sucks for pretty much everyone, especially since we had been planning to ski the BC interior in Febuary. But hopefully he'll be up and running for next year, and hopefully I'll get some skiing in on the side.

I have not done much this break in a musical sense, I am sad to say. I've tried to make some new songs, but nothing is really comming together. To make matters worse, my recording equipment is being problematic. For reasons beyond my comprehension it records my voice about 3% slower than it should, so not only are the vocals out of sync with the guitars, but the slower speed makes me sound like a bad Barry White impersonator. Hopefully I can get that fixed soon and do some more recording.

I think I will take a moment now to comment on the shootings that occured in downtown toronto on boxing day. Now this wasnt the first shootout and it wasnt the worst, but I predict it will get the most media attention, a face has been attached to gun violence in toronto, a symbol to rally behind, the face of the 15 year old girl who was shot while shopping downtown. I was more than a little shaken by this event, because the area where it happened is one where any number of people I care about could have been at the wrong time on the 26th and ended up in a body bag themselves. Makeda lives about 5 minutes from there, for example, and Ben was shopping at the HMV about 20 minutes before the fighting started. Scary. And although nothing concrete has been proven as of yet, I feel comfortable attributing this event to gang violence. On the list of maybe 10 things in the world which I hate, gangs is up there. I am not in the mood to make a clever line about why they are the worst example of inhuman nature, so I'll just leave it at that. And until I am presented with an opportunity to somehow help prevent this kind of thing from happening, all I can do is hope that no one I love gets caught in the crossfire of any further violence.

Hear that sound? It's me knocking on wood.

Anyway, moving on. What else is new in the world? Oh yes the election. What can I say about the election.
Paul Martin bores me, Jack Layton intrigues me, and Stephen Harper just plain frightens me. Jim Harris makes good points but I can't help but wish he would stop drawing votes away from the other parties. As usual I find myself in a voting position based on my phobia of conservatives gaining federal power, so my loyalties flip flop between the Liberals, who I consider the best chance at blocking steven harper, and the NDP, who I prefer on an ideological basis. I'd be happy to see another minority government with the liberals backed by the NDP, Layton was able to exert a surprising amount of influence over them in the last government. But most of all, I wish to see Steven Harper as far away from 24 Sussex Drive as humanly possible.

Well, I do believe I am going to hit the hay pretty soon. I have a big day tomorrow.
I shall do my best to update more frequently and make some new songs in the near future.

-John Out

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just a quick note... [10 Dec 2005|05:35pm]
Sarah Harmer was amazing.

That is all.

-John Out.
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It's never enough to do what you must [09 Dec 2005|05:21am]
[ mood | awake ]

Hello world.

It is currently 5:23 am on friday morning, and I am waiting for to be time to leave for my exam. I decided that it wouldent be worth going to sleep tonight, and that I would just stay up and study and then go to bed after I'm done writing it. As the day unfolds we shall see if this was a good plan.

Tonight was fairly eventful. It was Sonja's 19th birthday, so Brad and I went out to the festivities at a local bar. It was fun, good music, good company. I very much think that once Brad Matt and I get our act together we could play at small venues like that. We still need a band name though.

I was going through old files on my computer and I found an essay I wrote a while back entitled "The Hero Complex." It was about how people of today (specifically males, but my theory has since been expanded to include females as well) are discontent with their place in the world and seek to bring greater meaning to their lives by seeking out opportunities to be heroic. I developed this theory one time a few years back when I was doing my standard wandering around my neighbourhood in the wee hours of the morning, and it dawned on me that I was really hoping to be faced with an opportunity to be a hero.

Anyway, long story short, I think "The Hero Complex" would be a good name for my bad. I'm going to suggest it to Matt and Brad later on.

Haha, I'm really no good at planning when it comes to studying for exams. Allow me to elaborate.

Wednesday Night: Had an exam at 11:30 thursday morning. Ended up going to Leslies house at 2 am to play nintendo until 4 and then crashed there.

Thursday Night: Have an exam at 8:30 friday morning. Went to Doogies with Brad until 2ish, proceded to stay up all night studying.

Friday Night: Have an exam at 8:30 saturday morning. Plan on going to a Sarah Harmer concert with Makeda.

But luckily, If I have learned anything in my short life thusfar, it is that the universe has a well developed sense of irony. This is how I am able to get 90% on an anthropology paper that I started 4 hours prior to handing it in. And this is how I expect I will do just fine on my exams. I appreciate irony.

No news yet regarding my dads opperation.

Speaking of family drama, I recently learned that a relative of mine, quite a bit younger than I, has just become a father. Horrifyingly disturbing. The idea of having a kid at this point in my life fills me with a feeling not unlike being gnawed to death by millipedes.

Musically speaking, I have a few new songs in the works. I should have them finished and recorded in couple of weeks. I also intend on re-recording the ones I already have up in the music section to improve them more than somewhat.

There isnt open mic night at the bullring anymore, It will start up again next semester. I dont know what to do with myself wednesday nights anymore.

In other news, I have decided to volunteer with the Big Brothers association. To what extent I have yet to decide, but my ultimate goal is to do the traditional one-on-one match. In the short-term however I may do a program called "In school mentoring" which focus more on councilling and friendship in a school setting.

Speaking of school settings, I've been looking into more teachers colleges and I think I have decided that I want to go to the Christchurch College of Education in New Zealand. For those of you not in the know, Christchurch is where I stayed for a month when I was 13. It, and New Zealand and general, is a very nice place to be and I have always wanted to go back for a while. So we shall see if that pans out.

Anyway, this is an absurdly long journal entry. So I will go find something else to do for the next 2 hours. Then it's off to my exam. Wish me luck

-John Out.

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ramblin' time [22 Nov 2005|04:29am]
It has previously occured to me that the best reason to have a journal, be it pen and ink or online, is to collect your thoughts when you are in a particularily emotional state.
Unfortunately this dosent really apply to me, since whenever I find myself writing in this journal it is when I'm feeling particularily numb.

It is late on a monday night, or early on a tuesday morning depending how you look at it. I have been staying up with the intention of writing a new song, but nothing is really comming together.
My songwriting process is fairly simple, I fool around on the guitar until I come up with an interesting sounding tune, and then I toss in whatever lyrics seem appropriate to the song. Only on rare occasions to I give a ton of thought to what I write, so please don't read into my lyrics that much. They dont so much represent what I'm feeling as they just seem to flow properly. Whenever I try and write a song with a goal or meaning, I end up getting frustrated with it and giving up.

Tonight was a good example. I was trying to make a song about my dad.

My dad has a bad heart and is going to need pretty major surgery sometime in the next few weeks. We act nonplussed but I get the distinct feeling that he is worried. I'm decently scared too, but it hasnt fully hit me yet. I have an interesting way of dealing with this sort of thing, I laugh it off and don't take it seriously. My dad deals with it the same way, when I told him my exams would be done on the 15th he said that he may still be alive by then. I laughed, I couldent really have done anything else. An interesting point to add is that my dad's heart condition is most likely genetic, so that means I will have to watch out for this in the future.
I don't like to talk about this sort of thing, so thats why I'm writing it down here.

This past weekend I ventured up to Peterborough to visit Makeda. It was quite a good trip, very enjoyable. I always liked Trent. There's just something about a campus with a river running through it that is so appealing.

Speaking of Trent, I have been looking into various teachers colleges for when I'm done my degree here at Guelph. I have come to the conclusion that teaching is where I'm headed. I am quite pleased that I've made up my mind on it, now it's just a matter of following through.

Anyway, I'm approaching the passing-out threshold, so I think I will go to bed.
-John Out
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